Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Campaign Updates: Hello Michelle, Bye Yuma

Back from Yuma and back to reality. The roar carnie engines is still in my ears and the pungent cocktail steaming elotes, boiling oil, various farm animal’s fecal matter and fresh hot cinnamon rolls is still in my nostrils. Ah, the Yuma County Fair! And all the hard working Dems down there. Those guys hustled up petitions so fast, I thought they were selling burgers when I first arrived.  

This week should be about endorsements. I have a pile of them: Building Trades, Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood and Postal Carriers, that I can remember. But the main thing this week is preparing for this weekend, Sunday in Bullhead City, with Michelle Shocked.

This crazy event will include a banner with my face on it, tickets with serial numbers, radio ads, and a contract rider with dressing room prep instructions. Twenty years ago I was listening to a scratchy cassette of this lady and now I’m here tour stop between Albuquerque and Berkeley.  Show starts at 8pm at Lisa’s Boutique. Contact the campaign for details or call Susan Smith:

During the day we will be walking in the Riviera neighborhood of Bullhead City. This experience keeps making me grow, test my strengths, challenge my weaknesses, expanding my vision. Whoever I once was, was only the basis for the who I am now after only a little over nine weeks. The film crew folks were down from NAU this afternoon. Tara Graeber and her man, the fabulous Flag’Slam poet Shaun Srivastava, came to do an interview with me in her set up for this weekend.

I had spoken with some folks from the ACLU about Hispanic voters and how to create voter outreach and education. My hero Paulo Freire started his journey teaching people to read so they could learn how to vote. I don’t know if we have time for Sunday, but maybe before long we will get that going as well


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Remember all communications from this campaign are paid for by the friendly folks at Mikel Weisser for US Congress and I approve of almost all of their messages, this one in particular.

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