Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ode to Assange (a poem)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury,

in this court of public opinion,

before the execution is completed

and we close our eyes forever to secrets

for your consideration,

"IT'S YOUR American Scandals in Chronological and Alphabetical Order!"

Well at least from A--

--American Revolutionary Soldiers' Pay, Shay's Rebellion, 3/5th Compromise, Sally Hemming, the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, the Election of 1824, Spoils System, Trail of Tears, Panic of 1837, "54 Forty or Fight," "Little Texas Border Dispute" 1846-1848, Glanton Gang, Know Nothings, Dred Scott, Bleeding Kansas, CSA, Martial Law at the Maryland Statehouse, the Conspiracy behind John Wilkes Booth, the Johnson Impeachment, Credit Mobilier, the Whiskey Ring, KKK, the Election of 1876, Boss Tweed, Union-Pacific Railroad, Standard Oil Trust, Haymarket Square, Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, the entire military career of Phillip Sheridan, Indian Schools, the Oregon Land Fraud Scheme, Oklahoma Land Theft, the Chinese Exclusion Act, Plessey V Ferguson, "Annexation" of Hawaii, the USS Maine, Philippines "Stewardship," Food Poisoning in Army Rations during the Spanish-American War, the Tacoma Massacre, Joe Hill, Sedition Act of 1918, Prohibition, Red Scare, Teapot Dome, Sacco & Vanzetti, Prescott Bush, Bonus Army Riots, Tuskegee Experiment and its Guatemalan cousin, Executive Order 9066, Dresden Bombing, the Nazi NASA, Arbenz, Mosaddegh, the Bracero Program, Strange Fruit, Downwinders, Joe McCarthy, Election of 1960, JFK-RFK-MLK, Gulf of Tokin, every breathing moment of Richard Nixon, Agent Orange, Ear-necklaces, Cambodia, Air America, Co-Intel-Pro, Operation Northwoods, Watergate, Salvador Allende, Chappaquiddick, SOA, Karen Silkwood, S&Ls, Iran-Contra, Abscam, Diablo Canyon, Lockheed Bribery's "Deal of the Century," Mina, Arkansas Airport, DU, Gulf War Syndrome Cover-up, the Keating Five, Hinckley, CA, Election of 2000, Enron, WTC7, Patriot Act, Scott Ritter and Hans Blix, WMDs, the various times billions of dollars have been "lost" in Iraq, Katrina Levee Cover-up, Karzai the Opium Merchant, Pat Tillman, I say from A, Abu Ghraib, to Xe.

Now bring out your own dead and then tell me again

Why we should trust them.

I rest my case.


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