Sunday, August 9, 2009

Current Comedy 8/09/09: Top Ten Current Not Funny Jokes

1. Giant guy in business suit holding a tiny guy in work clothes by the throat. They're standing outside the small guy's house w/ foreclosed sign. A cop is turning to watch. The giant guy says, "He's picking on me!"

2. Right-wing protesters whose unfurled American flags are in the position to look like swastikas.

3. A rich mom is dragging her child away from staring at a poor person. The mom is also tipping the valet some coin change for bringing their car around. The mom says, "charity begins at home."

4. A little touchy (maybe over a line): or white guy w/ a crew cut is pointing at the TV where Sotomayor is being confirmed and he's screaming, "I knew that N____ would hire a racist!"

5. Homeless guy sleeping under newspaper w/ the headline, "Goldman-Sachs Executives to Receive 11 Billion in Bonuses" He murmurs, "Knowing they're safe helps me sleep at night."

6. On the same theme: kid sleeping in a cardboard box is enviously looking through a fence at a shaggy dog sleeping in a doghouse.

7. Very cartoonish: a fat guy is floating in a dingy in the shape of the USA, around him are others floating in the water and they and the waves they make are in the relative shapes and positions of you know, South America, Africa and Asia and so on. He's got mounds of supplies all around him. He says, "If there was only more room i could let some of you ride along."

8. An Arab is fallen in barbed wire in the shape of a crucifixion. OR that's the scene on TV. The scroll says, "Afghan Civilian Death Toll up 25%." The viewers say to each other, "Those people are so godless."

9. Middle class guy is standing in front of his foreclosed home between two streets. On one side a limousine is coming towards the front of the picture. On the other nondescript dark figures are walking off carrying all their worldly possessions. He yells at the poor people, "Look at the mess you made."

10. Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Glen Beck in a radio studio: on the wall it says "RADIO RWANDA." On a calendar it shows April 1994.

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