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Bush the Uniter

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August 11, 2008
Bush the Uniter
By mikel weisser
When Bob Costas interviewed George Bush for NBC's Olympic coverage on Sunday August 10th, attempting to take a hard line, Costas asked Bush to comment on the problems in our country. Bush replied, "I don't see any problems with our country."-
Following the immediate crowd reaction of everyone in the room yelling "get that man a *&%&$@# pair of glasses" at the TV set, I, like many in the American public, came the realization that from his point of view things in America probably do look pretty rosy. After all, Bush does not have to see any problems. His problems are seen to.
The crowd he runs with, big oil, big Pharma, telecoms, Chinese bankers, and big arms dealers, continue to rake in massive profits and, essentially unchecked, pursue their agendas of pillaging the earth while chemically and entertainingly lobotomizing the masses. The war with Iraq has gone exactly like he wanted: rambling on with no clear purpose. Even as the masses grow who are calling for impeachment, Bush knows he is safe with mainstream media willing to distract us or mute any issue, even something as large as Bush forcing the CIA to forge terrorist documents to better lie to us with.
That's right, in case you missed it, in the Aug. 5 news cycle, Ron Suskind's new book, The Way of the World, was making huge waves with bold accusations of deceptions regarding the Iraq War, both pre- and post-invasion. The White House supposedly authorized paying an Iraqi official a cool five million dollars to draft a letter linking Iraq to alleged 9/11 mastermind Mohammad Atta. The letter enjoyed a brief turn in December '03 before being dismissed as a forgery. The purpose was to lie to the American people who were getting pissed about the lack of WMDs in this country that was supposed to be an imminent threat. It was around the time that Saddam himself popped up like a "Whack-a-Mole" in time for his capture to provide some Christmas cheer. Joy over the Saddam thing buried the controversy over the forged document, until the Pulitzer Prize winning Suskind sussed it out once more, in time for Bush bashers to get another turn at trying to dethrone King George.
If the public presses it, this could be a new beginning of the end of George Bush.
Already, echoing July's concerted, if diminutive Kucinich impeachment effort, many in the press and on the barstools around the land are calling Suskind's claim, if true, "an impeachable offense."
But that's only if our fractionated public were to unify in their reaction, and already the disinformation machine has kicked into high gear. As before when Bush was being pressed on some issue, gasoline prices suddenly start sloping down instead of up and mainstream media has chosen to emphasize the ever available Democratic dirty laundry, this time of Edwards in bed with whomever--and Condi Rice is back to rattling her saber at Iran. This would all be well and good, in fact business as usual, if not for the fact that Fox has taken to shrieking that mainstream media are Bush haters, this convergence of distraction is a clue: Suskind is onto something and needs to be buried.
I say you can tell the man by the company he keeps. Olmert of Israel is resigning in disgrace from corruption charges while creating his own Warsaw ghetto in Gaza; and Pakistan is about to impeach Musharraf for everything from killing Benazir Bhutto to bartering in bacon grease. Like Bush, both men have made shambles of their countries, created war states where none need exist, alienated their own citizenry, repressed their political opposition often at the point of a gun and been implicated in so many shady dealings they should open a sunglasses outlet.
Of course if open resistance leads to open oppression here in the US, Bush and his followers are liable to prove many resisters dead right, or at least dead. If you seriously contend this characterization is over the top, ask an Iraqi whose family has died for Bush lies. It all depends on how the public reacts to the Suskind story. If enough people react, it remains our America, not his. This accusation alone, handled properly by Bush bashers, could prove to be his tipping point. If Bush is to be a uniter one last time, this may be his chance: to be universally despised. --mikel weisser writes from the left coast of AZ.

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