Sunday, March 16, 2008

Current Comedy 3/16/08 B: How the Republican Party Opposes Christianity

Current Comedy 3/16/08: How the Republican Party Opposes Christianity

The Democratic Party has got to stop ceding the moral issue, particularly the supposed Christian moral superiority, to the Republicans. At a very basic fundamental level, supporting the ideals of Christianity and the platforms of the GOP are just contradictions in terms.
The clearest conflict between the two is the war. Any person who would claim to be a Christian would have to condemn wars in general and in particular this Bush War on Iraq and Afghanistan on the very basic moral grounds that Christians are supposed to be against murder, torture, theft and deceptions, all of which have been hallmarks of the Bush administration.
The GOP keeps hoping that American indignation will focus on Democratic peccadilloes and buy into the false morality that sex is worst than violence. Of course, where individual Democrats have famously once or twice screwed one or two willing co-participants, the Bush regime continually screws millions at home and abroad, despite our pleas for mercy.
Of course, mercy is a Christian value, one that Bush has repeatedly, proudly, dismissed as a weakness. No mercy for immigrants who long to breathe free, no mercy for prisoners in the War on Terror, including those who have already been found not guilty or those who might be if given a real trial. Torture yes, mercy no. And no mercy also for the millions of poor American children who aren’t important enough to deserve health care coverage; no that would be charity and again that is a Christian value.
If the Dems had the temerity to hold the Bush administration to a true accounting of their actual values as shown through their actions, then the true Christians among us would have to acknowledge that the Religious Right is religiously wrong.

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